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think he might be off hhi medicine." 3 3&pspirit flight 3100 was over texas, wwen an elderly passengee in hiss80s beeame disruptive... touching other passengers and kicking the plane to houston. but spirit doesn't fly out of that airport... so it tooo hours to find pilots who could fly the remainddr of the flight. "it was terrible. it was uureal. it was painful. 19 hours. 19 hours we were in this mess." 3 the elderly man was questioned &phe told authorities that he was scared of flyiig. escaped a close call with a great white shark.the man was &ppaddling off the coast of cap cod saaurday when he suddenly heard people screammng at him. he turnnd ack to find great mos says, "i jumped up, i ran ddwn and i saad 'get out of the water!' and there was just a flood of other people that fo" fflllwed."his head was right behind me. looked like he was only a foot or ss in the water. it was just a dark mass. i saw that...the fin. i turned anddpaddled. 3 the beach was closed saturday after the sighting. experts say an abundance of seals in flocking to the aree. finally little elief from the he
-- the owner of the texas thunder range is worried abbut. about.jerry mcccll, texas thunder range: "this country was built on god and guns and that's our heritage." heritage."patricia castillo, p.e.a.c.e. initiative: "the presence of weapons has always meant to us that people end up " dead." patricia castillo supports the treaty talks. she's an advocate for victims of domestic violence. without checks and balances -- castillo says weapons can do more harm than good. good.patricia castillo, p.e.a.c.e. initiative: "the colorado shooting is a prime example of this freedom to have access to weapons gone completely array." array." even if president obama signs the treaty -- the senate would have to vote before it becomes law. law.shooting range nats nats gun owners fear it's a more likely scenario than some . think.robert messer, jr, gun owner: "i think that becaase of the movie theater shooting that just happened, i really think that publicity might get a hold of them, then we might be able to sway a few senators to ratify this thing and that's scary." 3 family and friends of the colorado
. --toss to emily-- emily-- 3 3 3 one texas man... is... putting... ábikinisá on the map... // //doug guller,... founder... of... texas restaurant ... ábikinis... bar and grillá... is expanding his bikinis brand... to... include ownership..../guller... buying... the ghost town craigslist.../. formally... known as ...bankersmith town, .../ it... was once home ... to... roughly forty people.../. now... renamed... he... hopes to turn ...bikinis, texas... into ...a... tourist attraction.../ offering... live... music and a bars...////.bikinis,... texas ... is... expected... to... be... up... and running ...this fall.../ or... next spring. 33 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."family feud" is next. next.and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank
of abusing animals and also talk about a controversial voter i d law that is being challenged in texas. all of that straight ahead. 20 minutes or so from now. don't go anywhere yet, guys. >>> a cruel aassault at a group home in connecticut. one person is arrested. we'll have details on that. [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. ♪ by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is
to the democratic line. john is from texas. john, go ahead. caller: i think these votes are a waste of time. these republicans have done a pretty good job of bringing every negative aspect of this bill to the public. as far as the farm bill and the food stamp program, it will never get past the senate and will never be signed into law by the presence of the united states. you are wasting your time on this nonsense until after the election. they will not be in town for the rest of the year anyway. host: windchills do you think they should be working on him -- which bills do think they should be working on? caller: i think we should get out of afghanistan. host: this was from cbs news yesterday. a tally fund that a republican repeal effort has taken up his 80 hours or two fuld weeks since 2010. -- taken up 80 out worse horn at two fuld weeks -- hours or two full weeks on the floor of the house. we have another caller. caller: the votes are not a waste of time. it highlights the disparities between the 8 parties on health care. what we democrats -- the guilty parties on health care. what the d
temperature records were broken or tied. >> the chances of texas seeing another drought, colorado seeing another epic year of wild fires, all of these things become far more likely. >> reporter: in wisconsin, residents have been banned from watering their lawns and in california, firefighters are on edge. >> we don't have any rain that's going to wet everything down. we get lightning strikes on top of the hills, desert floor and fire starts all over the place. >> reporter: some areas of the south and southwest are getting relief. >> this time of the year, in that part of the country, when it rains it pours and almost always leads to flash flooding. >> reporter: this rain is what neighboring states to the north are still waiting for. >> i assume some day it will rain. we are running out of time. >> reporter: another heat wave is coming through the midwest next week. luckily it won't be as intense as the one we saw earlier this month. >>> a hot topic that caught our attention today, certainly caught yours on line about 20 moms held a nurse in outside of a water park near denver after emplo
camp and go somewhere else. many of them would go to canada. but if you're a slave in texas, forget canada, go to mexico. so wherever there's free territory, slaves went and tried to build a life for themselves away from slavery. and i think one of the points i hope that came out in the lecture is that there's clearly a concept of what freedom means and they may not have written letters saying, you know, treatises about the nature of freedom and liberty, but you have to get at it by looking at their actions. [ applause ] >> thank you. >>> tomorrow on washington journal, reuters economics correspondent pedro da cost that discusses the latest job numbers. and senior reporter joan goldwasser talks about the dodd-frank act. and stephanie vance, author of "the influence game." starting at 7:45 eastern live on cspan. >> the life of a sailor included scrubbing the deck in the morning, climbing aloft, whatever the duties assigned, gun drill practice, but by the end of the day, you're ready for some rest. but you don't get a full eight hours of sleep. on a ship like the constitution, it's fo
slaves to abandon their owners. it occurred in the colonial period to spanish territory. one texas slave holder who, like his contemporaries, had lost hundreds of slaves to the free soil of mexico may have spoken for many slaves when he said the negro, he has got mexico in his head. the knowledge and awareness of free land dom mate the testimony and actions of former slaves. john henry hill called on those he left behind in virginia to follow his historical calling. come, poor distressed men and women come to canada where colored men are free. john clayton echoed these sentiments. a worker in a richmond tobacco factory, clayton escaped with two other slaves, hiding in a small space next to the boiler of a steamer bound for philadelphia. soon after he wrote still, you may rest assured that i feels myself a free man and do not feel as i did when i was in virginia. thanks be to god. i no master into canada but i am my own man. >>> 17-year-old rebecca hall left baltimore in august 1855. she told still, because she simply wanted to be free. to even the most call yule observant slave holder in
late. 3--siblings... in texas... are... triplett ../ . evee though ...two of them ... were born ...four years apart. andrew ... grac-in... is... the third... of... chris and joyce mallon's... children.../. andrew.../ four-year- old... julianna .... and... two-year-old... anna sophia.../ were all conceived... in... a... medical lab... in 2007..... julianna... was... born... nine months later ... thru... in- vitro... fertilization.../. her... brother and sister... waited their turns frozen limbo... / and ... finally... got... their chance... to be born. ((sometimes when you pray for a miracle, you get three. and so that's whaa we have. )) ))joyce mallon.... "trrplings,".../ since... they are triplets by conception.../ but siblings... by their pates of birth.../. if... this outages ...' - taught us anything.. / it's... how... we take... electricity... for granted... /// now... one product ...promises to keep... your... phone on... // without ...being plugged in...//tom rodgers ... puts... a... "portable energy statioo"... to the test. test. the saaec
towards the carolinas. and making a sweep toward texas. and another front is trying to push in from the southwest. that would likely bring us the chance of showers tomorrow, late tomorrow night, and through the weekend. take a look at our temperatures however. 85 degrees right now. 77 out toward oakland. the dew point is pretty low at 57. so that 85 right now, feels more like, well, 84 degrees. just one degree lower than the actual temperature. then you see, the temperatures are now starting to change going into this 4:00 hour. we expect to see the temperatures climb here over the next few days the and we could be back in the three- digit range coming next week. we'll talk about it coming up in your complete first warning forecast. >>> check in on our roads. here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. traffic not so nice out there. travel on the north side inner loop. heavy traffic from dulaney valley road to loch raven boulevard. also significant delays from 95 to security boulevard. traffic moving at only about 30 miles per hour. also some
toward the south and into texas, we can see much more rain falling. this has been a set up for the past couple of days. most of the country is in a drought of some form or another. any rain in any part of the country is a good thing. we are going to be waiting for this to shift up to the mid atlantic so we can get some much-needed rain. let's take a look at current conditions. temperatures are warm, typical for july. 80 in annapolis, a little cooler as you get toward the bay. ocean city a cool spot with that easterly flow. temperatures right now near 70 degrees. the tube point makes a it great difference. -- dew point makes a great difference. in the mid-50's for baltimore. closer to the water, mid--60 for annapolis. current weather pattern showing just a few thin clouds in the sky. most of the clouds are off the eastern shore. we have more clouds coming in from virginia. a couple sprinkles trying to show up on the radar. mostly just an error in the radar but there are more showers showing up to the south. this is causing heavy rain from tennessee toward texas. it is stationary, not mov
, police had to help 10 people to found the people stuck. >>> two people died in texas when lightning struck a tree surrounded by spectators at a texas came. streets have been flooded leaving homeowners with a soggy mess. >>> storms were scattered. you say behind the storms, could be a change in the weather. >> yes. we are going to be dealing with a few showers and thunderstorms as we go throughout the day. that will continue as we go throughout the week, it's going to be hot and humid. we will have lots of energy to work with. the satellite and radar, not a lot going on across the nation. like you said, dealing with scattered showers, popping up as we go through time. we will see more of that possible in to this afternoon. look at the satellite and radar, my eye is on this cell, thunderstorm diving down to pennsylvania, that could make its way in to the area through the morning and also the afternoon. we will see if that fizzles out. one isolated storm we will be talking about. we will have a chance for more in to the afternoon. the heat and the humidity the main concern as we go th
escándalo sexual, en la base aérea de texas, aumentó de 12 a 14, y el número de víctimas así también aumentó >>> los abogados de una de las presuntas víctimas de jerry sandusky, el ex entrenador de la universidad de penn state, dice que el acusado le decía te amo, las llamadas habrían sido hechsa en septiembre del año pasado, también se supo por primera vez que él fue el niño víctima en las duchas del centro de estudios, pero no se ha revelado de su nombre >>> un hispano de texas que fue sentenciado a cadena perpétua, está desaparecido después de quitarse el brazalete, fue sentenciado después de violar a dos jovencitas, el individuo estaba bajo arresto domiciliario. >p>>es momento de nuestra primera pausa y al regresar hay aeropuertos del país que son verdaderos focos de infección. >>> y tratan de identificar a las personas que pueden tener hepatitis c. >>> además el porcentaje de ataques contra periodistas que quedan en la impunidad en méxico. >>>aademás ,envíe sus esta tarde, , en primer impacto.aunque han surgido nuevos recursos cientificos para tratar a los pacientes co
at the mandarin oriental hotel in the district. he campaigned in san antonio texas, where he again attacked mitt romney's record. >> i do not -- i do not want pioneers of outsourcing in the white house. let's bring those jobs back home. >> later, president obama defended his record and focused on social issues well speaking at an event hosted by a gay and lesbian rights group. the democratic presidential nominee has not won texas since 1976. yesterday, mitt romney state in the north. he campaigned outside pittsburgh as he target the president's record on jobs and the economy. >> he has to recognize that his policies have failed to get america working again. my guess is that he wonders why that is. i have the answer for him -- liberal policies do not make good jobs. [applause] >> this afternoon, romney will hold a town hall in bowling green, obama. >> the number of foreign workers looking for work in america is on the rise. let's go to linda bell. >> hello. foreign-born engineers and scientists -- companies are now increasingly -- they are increasingly finding homes nationwide. a report by the br
at the center part of the nation. hunters from north texas into nebraska and into the southern -- in the hundreds from northern texas and nebraska and into the southern dakotas. 63-67 the overnight low. we keep the clouds all night. a little spotty. tomorrow morning we expect a little more of that. by the afternoon, probably some breaks in the clouds. we will shoot again for tomorrow. it'll be improving. still a lot of clouds. 81-85 the high. ocean city will be dry and in the 80's sunday and monday. a lot of clouds. by monday into tuesday for us the rain chances are to increase. humidity and heat. by tuesday we will be up to 90. >> the orioles are trying to keep the winning streak going. >> they will try to make a for in a row tonight in cleveland. open championship pilots coming up in sports. -- >> from the sports center, that this is 11 sports. >> good evening. after a terrible start to the road trip, and they have rallied. baltimore won the last two against minnesota up and then won the first of four cleveland. last night was a rare rally for the orioles. this one was close.
>>> good morning, america. extreme weather and a flash flood emergency from texas to north carolina, this morning. two dozen high-water rescues in the raging waters of san antonio. this woman jumped from her car into the deep water on the interstate. and much more rain on the way. >>> also breaking overnight, 28 climbers caught in the path of a deadly avalanche in the alps. at least nine injured, five dead, and the rest missing. a frantic search and rescue right now on the growing disaster in the mountains. >>> knockout. kristin chenoweth, knocked out by a scaffold and a seizure on her hit show. she was rushed to the hospital. we'll have the latest on her condition. >>> and watch out. >> it's a shark. >> a family vacation turns wild when a little fishing off the deck reels in the shock of a lifetime. yep. that's a big, old shark. in the most unexpected place. we'll talk live to all about their jaw-dropping tale. >> my favorite shot. >> everyone here today. i think it's demeanor the wardrobe. you're all bright. and gray suits over there. >> you look great, george. >> let's keep it. >
. good morning joel d. ((ad lib)))utility crews have comeefrom as far away as florida... texas... and quebec, canada... to lend hand with all these lines. and aim to have everyone hooked p pgain by friday.why does it take so long... it's simppe... this s mannal labor, around potentiilly deadly power lines. lines. live powerrliies... wee ffund thhs llne on fire &pyesterday... another example of how coordination is the most important thing in briiging the power back. power muss be shut off to specific lines before crews can safely work around them. bbt even to get to some llnes, the trees remain a huge oostacle. chaii saws are still churning throughout thee area, to get to trouble spots, as custooers watth, and wonder when it will be their turn for power. 09:11-09:23 "not a single,. solitary truck has been here... all they do is hang up on you. we;re too bbsy. call they're them. they're getting done." creww will continue to worr around the indiviiual workers pulling 12-16 hour shifts to get all the repairss if you see a downed wire, do not touch it and call b-g-e imme
and texas and florida. >> reporter: you are keeping a close eye on the radar looking at approaching storms. what could storms do to power restoration efforts. >> depends on what it is. if a storm comes through that's similar to the other night where we lost 12,000 customers, it is going to have an effect. and cumulus effect. if you lose several thousand customers at a time, and depending where it is, you could see the restoration process elongate. we will worry about that part. we are making sure we are doing the goal at hard and trying to restore all power by the end of the weekend. >> reporter: we are going on day 6 of people are without power. the frustration levels i am sure are rising. starting today willy gave better eye did he what the -- will you be able to get a-- give a better eye did he when the power will be on. >> when we have eyes on the problem and a crew working a job and they believe they can fix it and restore it by a certain period of time we will on a limited basis with high confidence in the job provide the information but only where we know the job is going to get don
'malley and the louisiana governor on a war of words over texas. >> we're not going to raise texas, unlike other states that have raised their taxes, like maryland and illinois. we have not raised taxes since i've been governor. >> he touted his state's record on taxes while talking about a new business outsourcing center. >>> a closer look at taxes in maryland shows that we're actually paying about 11% of our income toward taxes. according to the tax foundation, maryland ranks number 4 in the country, behind new jersey, new york and connecticut. >>> our state leaders have approved five areas in the state to provide businesses with income tax and property tax credits to help create and keep jobs. the zones include parts of baltimore city and four other counties in the state. these areas will receive more than $35 million in property tax credits next year. >>> a device designed to help here could make a difference for others. >> now i have a child who reads and speaks. >> hearing problems are helping doctors when it comes to diagnosing dyslexia. >>> and good news for housing members. >>> but first, let'
to african-american voters yesterday in houston texas. he spoke to the naacp national convention and mr. romney asked for support explained why he thinks he is the better candidate. the crowd was receptive to the massachusetts governor's message until he addressed repealing the president's health care reform law. to that the crowd responded less than favorably -- >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. that includes obamacare and i'm going tutwork reform and save -- to work to reform and safe -- [ booing ] >> mitt romney knows he does have a problem with african- american voters. polls show they prefer president barack obama overwhelmingly. he's committed to competing in the african-american community. >>> jesse jackson jr. is being treated for a mood disorder. an unidentified doctor was quoted in the statement saying that yak season is expected -- jackson is expected to make full recovery. he has been away from congress since late may. he was taking a leave of absence due to a medical condition which had been a mystery until now. last week his communi
at lackland air force - base, near san antonio texas. its the ttaining center for airmen --- male áandá ffmale. the pentagon says at least 31 trainees aae accusing their instructors of improper sexual contact...assault... evee rape.casey tegall reveals how long this abuse has apparently been going on... ...and the action congress mayy. take. stegall says: " now reaction from washington is coming in on this.caaifornia congresswommnnjackie speier is calliig for a special hearing on capitol hill."she has already sent a letter to thee house armed services committee and has said the military is... and i'm quoting here... unable to police itself on matters oo rape and sxual assault. texas senator kay bailey utchison says she supports the idea of a hearing -- buttissnot "calling" for one..she told fox news channel she wants to wait and see how the air force's top brass handlessthe matter.(take sot) hutchison says: "i do believe gen. ricc is onntop of it and he takes it very seriously as he should. i think we need to let him ave a chance to get a full report to find out the dept
at a major league baseball game in texas said it came out of nowhere... nowhere..."loud thunddr sound" sound"that's lighting hitting near the stadium during a texas rangers and minnesota twins game.overron first base, the thunder clap sent twins plaaer josh willingham to his hands ann can see the catcher was the first to make a bee-line or the dugout. the game was delayee 46- minutts... and play resumed with sevvral plaaers having a 3 3 no lightning nd thunder storms forrus right now but plentt of heat and after a week of sweltering temperatures... we deserve this cool down. earrier we told you about the plea deals for the four defendants accused in the st. patrick's beattng in downtown our question of day we are asking if you think the punishment for those defendants is fair? fair?bruce writes on facebook..."nope, they should not have received any time susp. writes...."that much time for one punch is ridiculous. ridiculous.a lot of stong feelings on this quuetion. go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think.. facebook. send us a tweet.. g at foxbaltimore
of angry passengers at an airport in dallas, texas. they had to make an emergency landing after a cease disruption on their flight. ñ' >>> five things you need to know on this tuesday morning. leaders from maryland food bank and at&t will open a new network enhancing connectivity, allowing the staff to be in contact with one another throughout the workday. >>> stephanie rawlings blake is joining notre dame helping kick off the national cancer prevention study, the american cancer society is looking for volunteers to help researchers understand the genetic environmental and lifestyle factors that cause and prevent cancer. president obama and his wife are on the campaign trail. first lady in florida for events in orlando and miami. the president is rallying supporters in cedar rapids, iowa. republican in nominee, mitt romney, a town hall meeting this afternoon. new report reveals areas in the u.s. where houses are being sold where homeowners owe less than a hundred dollars in overdue property taxes. according to the report the most at risk include elderly and poor homeowners, also those
with a sprained ankle. texas authorities work to identify the victims killed when a pickup truck struck a tree monday night. it is believe they were illegal immigrants. men, women, and children were carrying toothbrushes, toothpaste, and changes of socks and underwear, but had no identifying documents. border patrol is working with texas authorities. the first american woman to fly in space has died. sally ride it passed away on monday after battling pancreatic cancer for more than a year. she and other colleagues were on board the space shuttle challenger in 1983. she encouraged young girls to pursue careers in science and engineering. still to come, the 2012 london olympics just around the corner. details on a new ways to experience the games from your living room. >> the big thunderstorms and confined to the mountains. that could change in the "consumer alert," apple will make a design change to the iphone. the iphone 5 will use a 19-pin connector. that means the new fun will not connect with and accessories like speakers -- the new phone will not connect with accessories like speakers and
conditions are being blamed for a pile newspaper texas. two people were killed during the chain reaction crash. investigators say a dust storm reduced visibility on the road shortly before the accident. two drivers are still in the hospital. >>> elsewhere in texas, three people are recovering after a gun goes off inside a walmart store. police say a shopper was reaching for his wallet when he knocked a loaded gun from his holster. the weapon hit the ground and went off striking one sooper in the leg. two others were injured by flying debris. police say the man has a license to carry a concealed weapon. >>> an amaze showing on the water becomes dangerous for boaters watching a crumbling glacier. watch is a the crashes sending a wall of ice into the water. the ice sends a mini tsunami directly to the boat. the vessel was hit but sped away before major damage was done. >>> still ahead on wjz eyewitness news this noon, is it almost time to trade in your sunglasses for an umbrella? meteorologist bern that death woods is updating the first warning forecast. ,, i'm only in my 60's... i've got a
. 3 3 a single-car crash in texas... leaves 11 people dead... and 12 others injured. injured.according to the texas highway patrol... á22 peopleá were in this ford f-250 truck... when it went off the highway... hitting 2 large trees.the accident occurred 100 miles south east of san antonio and authorities say the weather was dry and clear at the time of the crash... there is no evidence at the scene of alcohol being involved. the former stepson of singer usher raymond... has died.kile glover was hospitalized more than 2 weeks ago... after the 11-year-old suffered a serious head injury from a boating accident on a georgia lake. the boy's mother... tameka raymond... was married to usher for 2 yeaas. they couple has 2 children together... and divorced in 2009. michael jackson's mother is ánotá missing.. that's the word this morning the los angeles sheriff's department. katherine was reported missing by her nephew after family members were unable to reach her.jermaine jackson says katherine is with her daughter rebbie in arizona.. following doctor's orders to quote áde- stre
of activity for us across the south tonight. moving away from us. the heat still over texas. to the west, kind of a diffuse frontal system with scattered storms. you see it from new york state. through western maryland, west virginia. this may make it over the mountains tonight. so if you can get a shower in the last few hours, late tonight, there may still be a risk of thunderstorm activity. and you see lightning overnight. but by thursday, that higher pressure begins to move in. things begin to dry out. but behind it, slight warming back into the low 90s, which will be above average. south winds, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp, once again around 82 degrees. tonight, scattered storms still possible. otherwise, patchy fog. well, it did rain, 70. tomorrow, back up to 89. sunday, above average, with again, a mixture of clouds and sun. some areas getting showers. and thunderstorm activity. some areas will stay dry for the next few days. >> okay. thank you, bob. >>> still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. after years of delay, an illinois police officer goes on trial for the murder. his fourth wife
. >> reporter: here in the texas panhandle, flip bingham is turning dust into gold. >> the drought sucked the life out of most crops, but the bingham family farm is a bright shot. >> how good is your crop this year? >> fantastic. we have the quality and quantity. >> reporter: bingham is growing grapes they can cool rate drought in fact -- tolerate drought in fact heat makes them sweeter they are so profitable he uses most of his water for the vineyard leaving the cotton crop to survive on rain. >> so you can make 10 times more off of these grapes than your cotton with the same amount of water. >> correct. >> reporter: in fact farmers doubt they will make any profit on cotton this year. >> it is in a word finished. >> reporter: at this farm the plants are small and flowers on top a bad sign. >> they wave the white flag of surrender they are done and it is finished. >> reporter: analysts say texas farmers will likely abandon a third of the cotton crop because of drought damage for most grapes are not an option, starting up costs $10,000 per achier and take 5 years to become productive. >> p
eastward from the eastern dakotas across the lower great lakes to the ohio valley and from southwest texas to eastern california and north to wyoming. heavy monsoon rains could produce flash floods in southern arizona and new mexico. >>> in sports, serena williams two wins away from victory at wimbledon. quarterfinal action yesterday, williams made short work of her defeat. williams overpowered the czech champ with 13 aces to win in two sets. 6-3, 7-5. thursday, she faces australian open winner. >>> to baseball, baltimore at seattle, orioles left-hander had a four-run lead going into the seventh inning when there was a solo home run. baltimore's bullpen stumbled and the mariners tied it up. in the top of the ninth, a homer put the orioles back on top. they hold on for a 5-4 victory. milwaukee, second inning, the brewers maldonado slaps one to the mound. sanchez snags it behind his back for a 1-4-3 double play. all offense from there. reyes hit a solo homer to give the marlins a 12-11 lead. but ramirez answered with a two-run shot off miami closer keith bell. brewers get a walk-off win 13-1
intern at our sister station in san antonio, texas. 3 accused killer james eagen holmes will make his first court appearance on monday..... monday..... he's been assigned a public defender to represent him. holmes has yet to be charged but, at mondays hearing, a judge is expected to advise him why he's being held and the conditions for his detention. the first legal questions in the case will likely surround his competency to stand trial.....and the possibility of the death penalty. one of the first things people aak after a tragedy like the one in colorado occurs.. could it happen here. and then they want to know if police are prepared to deal with it.a training exercise in prince george's county couldn't have been timed any better to answer those questions..audrey barnes has the details. details. oc:this training exercise at henry wise high school in upper marlboro has been on the schedule for weeks." remember what you're trained to do--rapid response to the threat."having it fall on the very day when the nation is gripped by the tragic shoooting in colorado that left at least
people in texas. vic is in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: the crash happened in rural south texas. police say a pick up truck carrying illegal immigrants were pack intoed the truck. the -- were packed into the troubling. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the wreck. >> thank you. in pral nine mexican immigrants died in a crash. >> -- >>> some information on the fire aboard a u.s. submarine that cost $400 million in damage. a civilian employee set the fire because he was allegedly suffering from anxiety and wanted to get off work early. 24-year-old casey furry faces up to loif in prison for setting -- life in prison for setting the arson on the uss mie almy. >>> -- mie almy. >>> police -- the uss miami. >>> police believe the two missing girls in iowa were not abducted. >> investigators searching for two missing iowa cousins wants to interview a person paddle boating on the lake who was there 10 somedays ago. >> robin around articled -- or nod has her personal message. sdmrsz we're all waiting -- >> we're all waits for you every -- waiting for you every day. >
, gusty winds. we have a flood threat for central gulf coast of texas from galveston. looking for a threat of heavy rain, corpus christi to houston, heavy rain in southern florida as well. anywhere from one to four inches of rain from southern texas to southern florida this mo >> good morning. temperatures in the 70's spirit we expect upper 80's for highs. that's your latest weather, matt. >>> now to presidential politics and the sharpened rhetoric between president obama and mitt romney over the state of the economy. nbc's peter alexander is in houston where romney will speak at the naacp convention a little later today. peter, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. the naacp, of course, is the nation's oldest civil rights organization. romney can expect to face a skeptical audience here. four years ago then candidate obama won 95% of the african-american vote but romney is hoping this community will take a listen to his policies today. meanwhile the president and romney have been going back and forth exchanging fire over everything from taxes to who is most to blame for shipp
3 & 3 a scary moment... during a major league bbseball game. thunder nats hitting the texas ranggrss3 during a game gainst the ssadium... hitting the texas that's álightningá... hittiig the texas rangers ssadium... minnesota twins.the announcers say... it came ffom nowhere. you cannsee players jump as they hear the thunder... thenn quickly run for cover.the gamee was eeayed for 66 minuues. 3 think you've got whht it ttkes to be the next aaerican idol? idol?it's our baltimore idol co. contest.come to al packer's white marsh ford thissfriday pjly 13th starring at 5 a-m for your chance o audition for our judges.our ffaorite singer will be given a puaranteed audition in front of american idol producers.the winner of our contest last pear.. hallie day....made the top 24 on american idollread doo com. comiin up... 3a new effort... to conseeve water throughout the altimore area. why public works... say it has to be one now.and what &presidents... ould experience over the next few days. and a newwstudy... finds kids who grow up with pets... havve fewer healtt problems.
antonio, texas. police are still searching for answers in the mysterious death of a woman in north balti. baltimore.the victim's decomposed body was discovered on 29th street on saturday, at the wyman house. residents say they told management about a foul smell coming from one of the apartments, as early as july 16th.the woman, who neighbors call "christie", and say is in her 30's ... was found in a man's apartment. maxine: 18.30 "i couldn't sleep lastnight, cause that was on my mind. mmm hmm."al mcclendon: 14.50 "she had just moved in about six months ago, but i don't really know nothing about her." her."et thomas ferguson: 4.49 "she was always upbeat and friendly. she was never a troublemaker that i could tell." tell."police have a person of interest, but no charges have been filed. 3 penn state university will learn the fate of its football program this morning.... a day after school officials decided the fate of the famous statue of joe paterno. paterno. joel d. smith is live in fell's point with reaction to the statue coming down, and what's to come for the school, and it's ma
of a bus crash in texas. and the fallouts of the driver. >>> mysterious death. the body of a billionaire found in her london home. what happened to her husband. >> symbolic vote. republicans once again seeking to repeal the president's healthcare plan. why it's being done now. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 4:30. 89 degrees and partly sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> breaking news. republicans make good on a pledge to repeal another vote on the healthcare overhaul. the house just voted to repeal the law, but the senate will not follow suit. >> on this vote, the yeas are 244, the nays are 185, the bill is passed. >> reporter: this is the 33rd time, the republican-controlled house has voted to scrap all or part of president obama's healthcare reform law. >> this is a law, madam speaker, that the american people did not want when it was passed. and it remains a law that the american people do not want now. >> reporter: republic
're seeing are showers riding from texas and down toward the gulf. and right on into the delmarva. and what we're going to see are little ripeps along that. and clouds cast in our direction, as a result of that system being very close. that is the reason we can't rule out a shower or so, mum like we had out towards westminster and hagerstown. but out past westminster and hagerstown right now. what we'll have is high pressure in control, keeping us in the dry zone now. as that high continues to move off to the east, warm air moves in. temperatures, dew points and humidity levels all start to gun for the weekend. and temperatures get closer to 90 degrees. but not in the 100s. 8:44, our sunset time today, with a southeast wind on the bay. and 5 to 10 knots is your wind speed on the ocean. patchy clouds with spotty showers around tonight. down to around 67 degrees. 97 tomorrow. very warm with clouds and sun. five-day forecast is coming up in just a short time. >> all right, tim. thank you the. >>> still ahead at 5:00. rare find. how these baseball cards could set a record. and why baltimore is
last year's drought in texas, and man-made climate change. a new study found that man-made heat made the texas drought roughly 20 times more likely. >> there definitely is a connection between greenhouse gases and extreme weather. we're seeing very strong evidence to suggest that not all, but many of the extremes that we're seeing around the planet are being enhanced by greenhouse gases. >> and every day in this record setting heat takes more of jeff fischer's crop and his livelihood away. >> it's stressful. it's stressful on myself and my family my father and i. this is a family farm. and we've watched it go down and down and down. >> reporter: noaa scientists meanwhile, are not saying that climate change causes any one specific drought like the one in illinois. they are saying the science is good enough now, they can lay odds on the connection. lee and erica? >> wyatt andrews, thank you. >>> security for this month's london olympics is a massive operation as you can imagine. on tuesday some residents who found themselves on the frontlines of olympic security
the president's taiex pour sprader >> when people say they are luring texas, hold onto your wallets. quex in amounts to a national [inaudible] >> the idea of raising taxes on job creators at a time when we need more jobs is the sort of thing only an extreme liberal can come up with. >> and new poll released tuesday shows the race is dead even. >> most people are not focused on it. when a call asking for support people are going to their party candidate. unless republicans and democrats can come to an agreement, taxes are set to go up. >> close to 90% of maryland. the elementary and middle school students are making the grade on a statewide test. >> there are areas of concern. we have more on the story. >> the main concern is middle school reading. the numbers are down and there is a lot of attention on baltimore city over the cheating on the msa. officials say they have a handle on the problem. the city's school cdo said he is convinced no one cheated on the latest test. >> this year there are no swings as and in a second consecutive year when we have monitoring in place we do not see the
to be an -- unreasonable. in florida, it would require rate increases ranging from 85% to 100%. the public utility of texas cited costs as a deterrent for underground mines. >> it is a very expensive proposition. >> no new maryland studies are in the pipeline, or in the works, or even being considered, however, one study wrote the public utilities chairman requesting his agency run a steady. you can find information on the power outages and locations of cooling centers on line at you can also access our free smart phone apps on your mobile device. >> and heartbreaking news tonight for any parent. a 3-year-old boy is dead after each round of the pool. anne arundel officials say crews were on the site of the accident in the old brooklyn park neighborhood. he was at a party when his family members realized he was missing. he was found unresponsive in the pool and was rushed to the hospital, but died a short time later. two investigative reports tonight in baltimore -- to investigations of arrests in baltimore. a man was found with multiple gunshot wounds of of mcculloh this morning. the other shoo
undergrounding wires unreasonable. the public utility of texas cited cost as a deterrent to undergrounding power lines. >> it is a very expensive proposition. >> md. -- no new maryland studies are in the works. >> a warning tonight from the fbi. computer users may not be able to get online because of a malicious software program that could have taken over their machines a year ago. it is called dns changer. the fbi says it is likely infecting more than a quarter million computers worldwide. >> it takes your computer, whenever you go to a web page, it pointed to other pages. either you will not be able to connect to the internet or your internet connection will be very slow. >> the fbi has said that to -- a website to inform users about the mouth where -- malware. >> just a few more days until three of baltimore orioles played in the all-star game. their production team is cranking out some signature handcrafted baseball bats for the game on sunday. the home run derby on monday and the all-star game tuesday night. each player and coach for received a souvenir. if you are a fan of the beach, the k
theeuniversity of texas punch a few keystrokes into thii computer. the drone goes wildly off course - now receiving instrrctionn - not from gps, but from a transmitter that sends false signals to thh drone's navigation system - a o- called "spoofer". the effect is so dramatic, a safety pilot with radio control has to save tteedrone from crashing.humphrrys says: "spoofing a gps receiver n a uav is jjst another way of hijacking a plane." if iiluminated a gaping hole in the government'ssplan to open up us iispace to gps-ggided drones. humphreys says: "in 5 to 10 years, you have 30 thousand drones in the airspace.. // edit // eacc one of these could be a potential missile used against us." until now, gps guided dronns have been limited mmstly to the battlefield in places ike iraq, aaghanistan and yemen. earlierrthis year, come up with rules to aalow 2015. they could be y - used for law enforcement, monitooing transmission and pipelines for utilitieea"a&. even pilotlessly deeivering packages across the country. the founder of fedex has said he wantss
governement our hotline at 410- 662- 1456...or go to fox baltimore dot com. a mailman is texas is doing more than just delivering mail... he's stepping into the . battlefield.:05 whoa! whoa! whoa!for the past 2 weeks... ron eudy has been targeted by a group of falcons near one of the homes on his route. neighbors say... they're trying to protect their nest. but the birds don't seem to bother anyone else.after several days of dodging birds... eudy thinks he figured out the problem. :22 "i switched hats and when i wear this blue one they don't come after me, so it's something about this white helmet. i don't really know what ii is." eudy doesn't see the birds as enemies. in fact... he's actually grown quite fond of them... which may be a goodd thing since they've seem to have become a part of the neighborhood. it's the second highest position in the land. land.this is a big effing deal. but find out if being vice president is really a job worth having. having. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police c
'll stay drying out it might get a little more expensive.a customer from texas sayssfresh her, so if prices do rise,,or - she'll make adjustments to her's omething that you have to have in life. so you just substitute others things indiana, state police are stepping up efforts &pto help eeforceethe statewide burn ban issueddin light of the drought.they want to make sure cigarettes do not spark fact, annone who tosses a lit cigarette from a moving car could be ffned up to 10-thousand-dollars.and an indianapolis homeowner found a creative way to keep his lawn lookiig nice despite a watering ban.he painted it green with aint made speciffcally for grass.the paint job is expected to last i'm ed payne reporting. the u-s-d-a economist says the full effect of the drought on food prices will not be felt until the short-term... the u-s-d-a will issue its monthly estimates of &pfood ppices... which factors in drought conditions... next week. 3&((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 3 3 3 fighting back to retake b
's flood of political attack ads. three siblings in texas are biologically triplets ... even though two of them were born four years apart. andrew gracin is the third of chris and joyce mallon's children. andrew... four- year-old julianna and two-year-old anna sophia were n in 2007. julianna was born nine onths later through in vitro fertilization. her prother and sister waited their turns in frozen limbo... and finally they each got their chance to be born. ((sometimes when yyuupray for a miracle, you get three. and so that's what we have. )) ))the mother calls them "triplings," since they are siblings by their dates of birth. fertility experts say freezing ttchniques have improved, o embryos an now be preserved for longer periods of time. johns hoppins is still a top number one. known hospital is now ranked. ranked. ((break 1)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reeorter ad libs)) map fiber map 895 map 3 3 3 3 3 penn state's president speaks out... after a ddmaging report reveals a cover up. up.we're not gginn to use tuition money, donor money, or tax money to deal with any of t
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